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We are a music production company established in Bristol UK, and we write international blockbuster music, for startup prices.

We are here to make fantastic quality soundtracks for film, TV, games and commercials.

Our composers can create a complete musical score that is bespoke to your project whilst capturing your vision and most importantly, enhancing the emotions and taking your audience on a journey.

As well as working on industry projects, we pride ourselves on making great music available to all by collaborating with students at affordable rates.

We do all this by ensuring that our company values are at the core of every project we work on.

The values that make Stopwatch different…

We love storytelling and we exist to tell yours

A great story is timeless, whether it be a book, music or movie. Our music is written with your story at its heart. Written uniquely for your project, we aim to create the highest quality music to elevate the power and impact of your final product. Here at Stopwatch Studios, we focus on how our music helps convey your story and enhance your project by taking it to the next level.

The experience is everything

Whilst delivering top quality music, we also know what that kind of an experience you have throughout the process defines the outcome. We understand that creating something from nothing is no easy undertaking. Each new project is unique in its ideas, processes and core values, and trying to bring so many factors together to tell that story effectively is hard. We’re all about building long term relationships. Because making great art of any kind is about more than a business transaction.

The entertainment industry

The creative industry exists to be creative but to do this, it has to be fun. Fun and enjoyment in our work is so important to us. Without it, we couldn’t do what we do and deliver you a top quality outcome. It’s the foundation of what makes our work fun, the imagination and passion. These attributes are unlocked through enjoyable working experiences, and a deep respect for our craft as creatives, all the while maintaining the friendly, personal and approachable team.





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Marketing Manager/Chief Operating Officer

  • “I love it! Amazing work, the music was perfect for my film. Thank you for all of your hard work on this.” 

    Ashleigh Britton – Forest is Alive
  • “Beautiful compositions! If the credits don’t make you cry, you have a heart of stone.”

    Kathrin Heller – Letters
  • “The guys at Stopwatch studios are professional and super friendly. I was really pleased with the music they produced for both of my films.”

    Emily Jasper – Type Rare and The Highway Woman
  • “They really captured the emotions and themes and also enhanced the storytelling. I highly recommend working with them.”

    Andrew Barham – Parallels

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