“Because there’s nothing quite like the movies…”

Our film music is a great testament to the abilities of our composers. From traditional epic orchestral scores to totally electronic works and everything in between, the music we write here at Stopwatch Studios has just one purpose: to enhance the story.

Take your film to a whole new level with a musical score written especially for your work. Whether it’s a small scale student film, or a grand Hollywood blockbuster, the team here at Stopwatch Studios will write and produce a complete, high quality score that is unique to your film. You’ll be involved in every step along the way to ensure that we represent and convey your films story to the highest standard.

We pride ourselves on providing a great experience throughout the entirety of the music process, this is why we don’t just write the score, we also mix and master it in house as well! This ensures you get the best out of the music and create a truly sensational sonic experience!