Lukas Greiwe

Lukas is a German born musician, composer, audio engineer, go to trailer expert and resident voice over artist, just one conversation with him and you’ll see what we mean!

Music and instruments have always had a strong influence throughout Lukas’s life from an early age. He plays many instruments including recorder, trumpet, piano, saxophone, electric guitar and vocals. After completing school with the Abitur in 2009, the diploma from German secondary school qualifying for university matriculation, he volunteered at a private school in the USA for one year. During his free time, he pursued his passion for music by taking piano lessons, performing at recitals and assisting music teachers in various music classes.

Lukas continued his academic career by studying a BSc. (Hons) in Creative Music Technology in the UK from which he graduated with a first class honours degree. He expanded his knowledge in musical composition and performance as a solo artist and trumpeter for the band ‘The Dandy Horse Collective’. Lukas has first-hand experience in film recording, editing, sound design for film and video games, sound editing and writing music for video games and film. Having investigated the history and progression of film and trailer music and also writing many of his own original compositions, Lukas is well practiced in the art of trailer music. He regularly scores stand-alone pieces, student films and other projects including the BBC One Planet Project.

His main musical influences are Hans Zimmer and Thomas Bergesen for their now famous, epic Hollywood action sound, as well as Michael Nyman and his intimate works. The classic works of Jerry Goldsmith also influence him.

When not composing, Lukas is a keen actor, regularly participating in theatre work. He enjoys working on film sound effects, and working on voice overs. Seriously, take it from us, he has the coolest voice.

Lukas’s quick questions

Favourite Song: One more time by Daft punk
Favourite Film: Gladiator
If I had a super power I’d like to… be super strong