Tommie James

Tommie is a composer and music producer from North Wales and has been composing ever since he learnt what notes are. Tommie plays piano, guitar, bass, saxophone, violin and (most recently) the glockenspiel.

Conveying emotion and creating grand atmospheres are at the core of Tommie’s compositions, he has a great ability to combine genres, especially when combining rock and pop elements with more traditional orchestral film sound, resulting in a modern and thoroughly engaging soundtracks whilst still ensuring the music serves its purpose, remains authentic and most importantly, enhances the experience of the project as a whole.

Tommie is heavily involved in musical theatre productions and has experience in music directing and performing in theatre bands. He’s a member of a Big Band and a Symphony Orchestra. Tommie is a practised live sound engineer, having worked for many local musical theatre groups on productions and has audio recording experience.

Tommie takes his influence from a wide catalogue of music genres, his main focus being music for films, documentaries, video games and commercial advertising.

Tommie enjoys exploring new musical styles as well as fusing them with traditional ones. His favourite composers include: Martin O’Donnell, creator of the Halo Soundtrack, Murray Gold for his work on the television show ‘Doctor Who’ and John Williams and Hans Zimmer who he views as pioneers in the sound of cinematic music.

Tommie’s quick questions

Favourite Song: Says by Nils Frahm or new mapby m83 (changes hourly)
Favourite Film: Hot fuzz or anchorman (unrelated to music)
If I had a super power I’d like to… Be invisible